May OA Weekend Job List

May OA Weekend Job List

Have you been wondering what jobs we will be doing at the May Service Weekend? Has it been keeping you up at night?

You can now rest easy. Here’s the job list you’ve been waiting for!

  • Cut Firewood
  • Cut Lumber at Shop
  • Set Up Tents
  • Repair Tents
  • Repair Tents
  • Cut Pipe at Shop
  • Set Maxatawny
  • Work at Cub Chapel
  • Pool Work
  • Paint Cabin
  • Work at Campfire Circle
  • Move Kayaks
  • Finish Room At Family Cabin #4
  • Move Pathfinder Tables
  • Set Up Carports
  • Pick Rocks At BMX Course
  • Work at Circle
  • Clean Latrines / Pavilions

See you at camp this weekend!

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