NOAC 2024

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is the premier event of the Order of the Arrow, and is Scouting’s second-largest national event. Over 6,000 Arrowmen from across our nation gather for an inspirational and unforgettable experience full of fellowship, training, adventure, and fun! Keep a watch on the National NOAC website for more information.

During NOAC, Arrowmen will participate in a six-day conference which includes top notch training sessions, cool recreational opportunities, evening shows full of theatrics and special effects, and exciting programs.

The 2024 NOAC will be held from July 29 – August 3, 2023 at the University of Colorado in Boulder (near Denver). Arrowmen can travel to NOAC with a contingent from their lodge, or as a staff member supporting the thousands of Arrowmen attending in the conference.

Participation Details

We are expecting to have a number of interested members from the Lodge wanting to attend NOAC. There is plenty of room for all to attend regardless of being a youth or an adult, though National preference is more youth than adults in our contingent. The university and the OA are also prepared to host female and male youth program participants.

Conference Fee Details

The NOAC conference fee is $625 (early-bird) prior to January 31, and $675 for the regular fee.

LODGE FEES: The Lodge actively works to raise funds to reduce the cost for youth participants transportation through a series of patch auction fund-raisers. The final cost to each participant (youth and adult) for transportation and incidentals is currently estimated to be $1,125.  This fee may be able to be further reduced based on continued fundraising, but will not be higher. Funds raised will also help with a basic set of flaps and CSPs and other items decided upon for our contingent uniforms.

The National Order of the Arrow Committee believes that the National Conference is one of Scouting’s best program values. The conference fee covers all meals, lodging, insurance, transportation service at the conference site, and programs during the conference.

What You Need to Know

We are very excited to have you join us at the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) taking place at the University of Colorado Boulder. This is the first NOAC in the western United States since 1988 and we expect NOAC will reach its capacity of almost 6,250 Scouts and Scouters.

We will be traveling as a group by air. This adds cost, but the lodge has been raising funds to support Scouts in their journey. As such, the cost has been significantly reduced. We will travel to the airport together, fly together and be housed together in university dorms. If, for some reason, you will not be traveling with the group, this must be discussed with both the Lodge Adviser and Contingent Adviser and will be only considered in the case of business or family travel.

Here some things to do before the conference:

BSA Medical – to attend the NOAC conference, you will need to have a completed BSA Medical with Part C. Even if you are not attending summer camp this year, you will need to ensure you have your family physician complete Part C per BSA policies.

Patch Design – we will have a lodge specific NOAC patch set (at a minimum, a coordinating pocket flap and pocket design and maybe more pieces). Patch trading is a fun activity at NOAC.

Follow the Payment Schedule – we have worked hard to reduce the cost as much as possible. The NOAC early-bird fee is $625. The lodge has committed to 30 participants at this fee. In addition to the conference fee, the cost of the trip includes airfare, bus transportation, and there is a small charge to cover lodge expenses including travel meals and contingent merchandise. The total cost is estimated to be $1,125, but may be reduced based on additional fundraising planned by the lodge.

To make all the payments needed, you must follow this payment timeline outlined below. These payments are non-refundable unless the lodge can find a replacement participant. If you have questions or specific needs in terms of the payment schedule, contact to discuss. Those registering after January 20 will need to pay the full NOAC conference fee of $675 and the airfare may also have an increased cost.

Date Amount to be paid Plus Lodge will pay Towards
Deposit $100   Deposit
January 20 $425 $100 NOAC registration
March 20 $300 $100 Travel cost #1
May 20 $300* (may be reduced) $100 Travel cost #2
TOTAL COST $1125 $300  


Other Details –You will be asked for suggested roommates. You will be asked in advance to select some activities at NOAC. When the list is released, you will select your own activity schedule online. Some activities have additional fees.

Travel Details:

Leaving Reading Flight Arrival Day NOAC Returning to Reading
July 29 – we will meet at the Scout Service Center, probably midnight or 1 am. A bus will take us to the Philadelphia Airport for our group flight. We will need a truck or two to help with luggage. July 29 – Depart Philadelphia International Airport on Southwest for our 5-hour non-stop flight to Denver. Everyone over age 18 will require an approved government issued ID. Those under 18 do not need an ID card but will have paperwork to submit. July 29 – we will arrive in Denver and take 30-minute train to downtown Denver. We will plan a day of sightseeing which likely will include Union Station, the 16th Street Mall, Colorado State House and more. July 29 – August 3. We will check in to UC Boulder in the late afternoon, have dinner and go to the opening show. A full week of activities are planned. You will share a dorm room with someone from our lodge. All food will be provided by campus. There may be additional charges for some activities. August 3 – we will take NOAC transportation back to Denver Airport and return via a non-stop flight. A bus will return us to the service center around 5-6 pm.

If you are and interested in participating at NOAC 2024, please let us know at Lodge leadership will be in contact with all those interested in attending.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Lodge Adviser, Eric Silva at

Making Payments

For helpful instructions on locating your event registration and making payments, you can use the links below: