James E. West Award

James E. West served as the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America for over 30 years. The James E. West Fellowship award is presented to those who make a gift contribution of $1,000 or more to the council endowment fund.

Beginning in 2018, Kittatinny Lodge contributes one or more gifts to the council endowment fund in honor, in memory, or on behalf of an individual or organization.


1. In honor of Boone Webb
For past and continued service to the lodge in multiple roles.
2. In honor of Ryan Sagnip
For past service to the lodge as its Staff Adviser.


1. In memory of James T. Milham Sr.
2. In honor of Glenn Piper
Given in recognition of his decades of continued service to the Lodge, and for serving as Lodge Adviser for the past five years.


1. In honor of Jeff Davenport
2. In honor of Steven Spease
Given in recognition for their efforts as the leads of the Lodge Centennial Committee resulting in a successful anniversary year full of activities and celebration.


No Award Given


1. In honor of Griffin Price
2. In honor of Barry Leister

2018 – Inaugural Year

1. By and on behalf of Kittatinny Lodge
2. In Honor of Lori Reichart