Kittatinny Award


What is the Kittatinny Award?

At Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, the Order of the Arrow has a program called the Kittatinny Award, used to help promote the summer camp’s program. The program is optional but available to all campers, both new and experienced, as well as adults. The program is specifically designed but not limited to the first year camper. The camper follows a program checklist in order to complete the award. This can be done in their free time. If a Scout strives for this award, he will find himself in virtually all camp program areas. Upon completion, the camper will receive a complimentary patch from Kittatinny Lodge V. Most new campers also receive a “greenie” neckerchief in a special new camper ceremony, on which stamps will be placed for each element of the Kittatinny Award completed during his week at camp. Campers normally embroider the stamps on the neckerchief before returning to HMSR the next season.

Requirements for the Kittatinny Award

Neckerchief Stamp Embroidery Samples

A sample completed Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation neckerchief

Sample Kittatinny Neckerchief

Sample Kittatinny Neckerchief