Term: June – May

Kittatinny Lodge V functions through the use of the committee system. Each committee is responsible for a certain area of lodge operations. Each committee is chaired by a responsible young man under the age of 21, and is advised by an experienced adult. Here is a list of our committees and their functions.

You can send a message to a specific committee (both chairman & adviser) by using the Message Center.

NOTE: Not all chairmen and advisers check email routinely, and email address are subject to frequent changes. If you want immediate answers to your questions, phone numbers to contact them directly are listed in the Lodge Newsletter, The Wolf’s Tale.


Chairman: Andrew Speicher
Adviser: TBA

The Activities Committee is in charge of planning and running activities at Lodge Events, such as Service weekends. Events usually include fellowship events such as cracker barrels, as well as occasional special events.


Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Dudley Snyder

The Brotherhood Committee administers the Brotherhood review and verifies that Ordeal members are prepared for the Brotherhood membership in the Lodge.


Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Dean Huey/Brandon Huey

The Ceremonies Committee is in charge of ceremonies at Order of the Arrow events. The committee maintains the lodge regalia and trains new ceremony participants.

Camp Promotions and Elections

Chairman: TBA
Adviser: James Kirlin

The Camp Promotions and Elections Committee (CP&E) ensures that all troops have held an Order of the Arrow election and been presented a Camp Promotion. This is done through a system of election teams in each district. The District O. A. Representatives also support the Troop O. A. Representatives.


Chairman: Jacob Thorpe
Adviser: Brian Welch

The Communications Committee is responsible for all print communication (e.g., Wolf’s Tale, Smoke Signals and forms), and electronic communication (e.g., E-news, Facebook, Twitter, and the Kittatinny website). The committee is also responsible for maintenance and administration of the lodge web site, (this site).


Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Herbert Carter

The Conference/Conclave Committee promotes and organizes contingents for the section’s yearly Conclave and the Order’s bi-yearly National Order of the Arrow Conference.


Chairman: Harrison Welch
Adviser: Daren Kullman

The Elangomat Committee guides, encourages, and communicates with new members from the time of their election through their Induction sequence through attainment of the of Brotherhood honor, helping them to understand our purpose and principles and what the role of an OA member is.

Health and Safety

Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Pryce Parker

The Health and Safety Committee provides medical services at Lodge activities.


Chairman: Grayson Ebner
Adviser: Michael Barner

The Historian committee records, archives, and preserves the Lodge History.


Chairman: Connor Staub
Adviser: Jeff Reichart

The Kitchen committee plans, prepares, and serves meals at lodge events.

Kittatinny Inc.

Chairman: Benjamin Scott
Adviser: Ed Dundore

Kittatinny Inc. sells Order of the Arrow and Kittatinny 5 related merchandise such as patches and clothing at Lodge activities.


Chairmen: Ryan Desimone
Adviser: Eric Silva

The Membership Committee maintains a roster of Lodge members. The committee is also responsible for collection of yearly dues.


Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Lisa Wilder

The Ordeal Committee is responsible for planning and administering the Ordeal to prospective Lodge members. The Committee also secures Elangomats to assist in the Ordeal.


Chairman: Nathan Bender
Adviser: Glenn Lesher

The Service Committee plans service activities for the lodge, particularly at service weekends.

Troop Team Rep

Chairman: Connor Raudenbush
Adviser: Patricia Wylezik-Pfeiffer

The Troop Team Rep Committee coordinates the District O.A. Reps, and provides information and guidance for all Troop O.A. Representatives.


Chairman: TBA
Adviser: James Conrad

The Vigil Committee selects and inducts Vigil Honor Members into the Lodge.

Ad-Hoc Committees


Chairman: Jeff Davenport
Adviser: Steve Spease


Chairman: William Brudereck
Adviser: JJ Miller

The Banquet Committee coordinates and plans the annual lodge banquet held on the first Saturday in March each year.

Slate Nomination

Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Lodge Adviser, Lodge Staff Adviser
2022 Slating Committee Members: TBA

The nomination committee will oversee the changes made to nomination processes for lodge officers.

Vigil Nomination

Chairman: TBA
Adviser: Lodge Adviser, Lodge Staff Adviser
2022 Committee: TBA

The Vigil Nomination Committee is appointed by the Chief and will oversee the nominations for the Vigil honor.