Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on this page are meant to provide you with some common questions that new members to Kittatinny Lodge 5 often have. If the answer to your question isn’t found on this page, we have provided some suggestions for you to find the answers that you need under the question “Other Questions”. If you would like to recommend a FAQ, please contact the web staff via the message center.

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What does Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Honor Membership mean?

Ordeal membership is earned by those Scouts who have been elected by their unit and have completed their ordeal. Ordeal membership entitles you to full membership in the Order of the Arrow. You can participate in any lodge activities or committees other than the Brotherhood induction ceremony (until you’re an eligible candidate).

Brotherhood membership may be earned by those Arrowmen who have been an Ordeal member for 10 months and have continued to serve their units and the Order of the Arrow. Brotherhood membership is given after a Brotherhood Review Test is taken and the Brotherhood ceremony is completed. Brotherhood marks an Arrowman’s acceptance of the lodge and its traditions. The Brotherhood is often referred to as “sealing your bonds in Brotherhood.”

The Vigil Honor may be bestowed after a Brotherhood member has served the lodge for two years since becoming a Brotherhood member. The Vigil Honor is awarded through a selection committee. Vigil Honor is the lodge’s highest honor. Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.

It is also important to emphasize that Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Honor members all share the same rights and privileges in the lodge. Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Honor are less like “ranks” and more like “honors” in the lodge. They are not distinctions that should separate or classify Arrowmen as different from one another. Instead, they are simply honors that have been bestowed to recognize a Brother’s commitment to the Lodge.


How do I become a Brotherhood member?

To become a Brotherhood member, you must first remain active and registered in your Scouting unit. In addition, you must keep your dues paid in the Order of the Arrow. After 6 months have passed since your Ordeal, you become eligible to take your Brotherhood Review. The Brotherhood Committee will send you a Brotherhood review sheet. Fill out the front of the form with your name, Ordeal date, unit number, etc. Then you must learn about all of the topics listed on the page. Brotherhood reviews happen during lodge service weekends and Tuesdays during summer camp. If you want to take your review at a weekend, you must fill out a weekend registration form and check the box for “additional Brotherhood testing fee.” Send a check to the address on that form for the weekend fee and Brotherhood testing fee. If you wish to take your review at camp, notify the Summer Chieftain or Brotherhood chairmen prior to Tuesday night. When your review comes, take your Brotherhood testing form, letter to the lodge secretary and a carved arrow with you and you will participate in the Brotherhood ceremony and become a Brotherhood member.


What do I do with a Brotherhood testing form?

You need to fill out the front of the form with your name and other information. The back should contain a listing of topics. You need to study these topics for your Brotherhood Review for you will be tested on your knowledge of them prior to the Brotherhood ceremony.


How do I become a Vigil Honor member?

You cannot earn the Vigil Honor like you earned the Brotherhood. Instead, Vigil Honor candidates are chosen by a committee of Vigil Honor members whose soul purpose is to select new inductees. Only worthy Arrowmen who have served Scouting for 2 years since their Brotherhood Ceremony qualify for the Vigil Honor. After a Vigil candidate is selected, the Vigil Committee begins the induction process.


How do I pay my dues?

It is important that your dues are up to date because you do not receive Wolf’s Tale or count as an active member unless your dues are current. The Membership committee mails every lodge member a dues renewal card around November. If you do not return this card to the council center by the new year, a late fee is applied to your dues. There are several ways to pay your dues.

The first option is to pay your dues with the dues renewal card that is mailed out around November. The card can be mailed or dropped off to either of the council service centers with the appropriate payment.

A second option is to fill out the dues renewal form under the forms page and send it with a check payable to Hawk Mountain Council to the council service center.

The third option is to pay online. Your renewal will be processed electronically and your dues card will be sent to you in the mail. Check the dues page to see if you can begin renewing your dues. Late dues cannot be submitted online.

For more detailed information regarding dues, please refer to the dues page.


I’ve lost a form. Where can I get extra forms?

Forms can be downloaded from the Kittatinny 5 forms page and printed. Also, the council service center usually has several extra forms on hand.


I’ve taken my Ordeal, so now what can I do at an OA weekend?

Now that your Ordeal is over, you are entitled to all the rights and privileges of a member of the Order of the Arrow. At an OA weekend, you can enjoy fun, great food, fellowship, and cheerful service with your brothers in the Order.

At the weekend, you can volunteer to be an Elangomat and help the new Ordeal candidates by contacting the Ordeal Chairman. You could be a crew chief and lead service project crews, or you could help out on a service project crew to put up tents or give other service to the camp. You could also participate in the Health and Safety Committee as a Health and Safety assistant. The Ceremonies Committee also usually needs help preparing for Friday and Saturdays’ Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies. There are many opportunities open to you.

In addition, you can enjoy the lodge’s great home cooking and sleep in a cozy cabin on a cot. Furthermore, there are usually lodge activities such as the Invitational Volleyball Tournament and other games and fun to participate in. Make new friends, have a blast, all while cheerfully serving your camp. Weekends are a ton of fun! Don’t be afraid to try something new — come to an OA weekend!


How do I register for an OA weekend?

Registering for an Ordeal weekend (OA weekend) is easy. First, find a weekend registration form. You can download and print another from the forms page. Fill out the form with the requested information. If you are confused or don’t know what to write,  contact the Membership committee with any questions that you have. When your form is filled out, mail it with a check payable to Hawk Mountain Council to the council service center by the dates indicated on the form.

You can also register for OA weekends online. Visit the Forms page and follow the links there. Late registration can not be completed online.


What do I need to bring to an OA weekend?

An OA weekend is much like a typical weekend campout. You will need your backpack, sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, toiletries, soap/shampoo, towel, rain gear, flashlight, Class A field uniform, Order of the Arrow sash, Class B activity shirts, water bottle, work clothes, Scout shorts/pants, socks, and appropriate footwear. Remember, we are honored campers. We should be prepared for sleeping out of doors.

You will also need to bring your BSA medical form, parts A & B. This is required for all service weekends. Please note: We do NOT keep medicals on file. They are returned or destroyed after each OA event.

In April and September, we typically sleep in cabins because the tents are not up. In May we sleep in tents in designated campsites. There are always sign up sheets with sleeping locations when you check in.

Meals are provided. You do not need to bring food or drink. You should bring a water bottle.

Showers are available to clean up after a long day of service.


What time should I arrive at an OA weekend?

Arrival time for Ordeal candidates is between 7:00pm and 7:45pm. Arrival time for Arrowmen is between 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Check in is at the Welcome Center. There will be Arrowmen to direct you upon arrival in the parking lot.

Once checked in you can proceed to your selected sleeping location and setup your bunk. After that you can head to Willits Dining Hall for fellowship and to assist Lodge committees with preparations for the weekend. Cracker barrel is at 9:30pm in the dining hall.

A typical OA weekend schedule can be found below.


What is The Wolf’s Tale?

The Wolf’s Tale is the official lodge newsletter. The Wolf’s Tale is mailed every three months to members who have their dues currently paid. The Wolf’s Tale contains news about upcoming events, articles from fellow Arrowmen, important information and offers, phone numbers, and much more.

To help with the Wolf’s Tale, you could write an article or help to prepare the newsletters for mailing. Please contact the Communications Chairmen if interested.


Why haven’t I received a Wolf’s Tale for a few months?

This is probably because you haven’t paid your dues. The mailing list for Wolf’s Tale is based upon the list of members who have their dues paid. Pay your dues and you will be put back on the list.

Another reason may be that your address is incorrect. To investigate a mailing address mistake, contact the Membership committee adviser at If you have recently moved, complete the digital Change of Address Form so we can keep your records up to date.


How do I find my lodge ID number?

Your lodge ID number is printed on your lodge membership card. It is also printed on your Wolf’s Tale mailing label above your name. The number is a 4 digit number. Contact the membership committee through the message center if you do not have either of these sources.


What do the numbers on my Wolf’s Tale label mean?

There should be two numbers printed above your name. The first is usually a 4 digit number. This number is your lodge ID number. The second number is usually a 2 digit number. This number is the year for which your dues are current. For example, a “14” signifies that your dues have been paid for 2014.


How do I join a committee?

It is easy to join a committee. When you find a committee that you would like to help, you need to contact the committee chairman. A list of committee chairmen and phone numbers is provided on the back of your Wolf’s Tale. Call the chairman and ask how you can help. Usually, he will have plenty of jobs for you to help with.


What is the schedule for a typical OA Service Weekend?

Standard OA Service Weekends are held in April, May, and September. Here is a typical OA Service Weekend Schedule. Minor adjustments may be made depending on events, but the arrival, departure, meal, and ceremony times are more or less consistent.


Other questions …

If these Frequently Asked Questions have not helped you with your problem, you need to seek additional help. You could talk to an experienced OA member in your troop and perhaps he would be able to help you.

If you need additional help beyond that, please contact the a district rep, the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, or appropriate chairman listed on the back of your Wolf’s Tale or via the Message Center and they will be eager to talk to you and try to solve your problem.