Minsi Lodge 5 History

flap_minsi_S1NOTE: This information is taken from an original document given to Kittatinny Lodge by Brother Tom Wolfinger at the April 2000 Ordeal Weekend at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation. We are greatly indebted to Tom for providing the lodge with such a valuable commentary on the early history of the Lodge. The original document was hand-typed on brittle weathering typing paper and had written on the front cover in India ink ‘Property of “Stew” Miller’. It appears to have been originally bound with three staples along the left margin. I have attempted to keep much to the original formatting of the original document. I have corrected spelling and punctuation where obvious, otherwise, the document stands on its own.

Order of the Arrow, Minsi Lodge

21 Years of Minsi Lodge History

A compilation of data and information regarding the Minsi Lodge, Order of the Arrow as obtained by a comprehensive study of all material available, and done by two Brothers as their quest for The Brotherhood Honor, included are: Pertinent History, Roster of Officers, and Directory of Members by Brother Irving Swalwell and Brother George Ritner, Jr., November 1, 1942

Pertinent History and Roster of Officers, Minsi Lodge, W.W.W.

During the spring of 1921 while local Scouting was undergoing a complete reorganization under the direction and guidance of the Scout Executive, Arthur A. Schuck, the need for a camp fraternity or some such organization was seen so as to promote a better feeling of camp loyalty amongst the Scouts. After giving careful consideration to a number of plans, it was finally decided to take up the matter of forming a lodge of the Wimachtendienk W.W. since that organization seemed to have the very ideals for which we were striving. After the necessary correspondence and approval by the local council, arrangements were made for the formal installation of the lodge. Under the Direction of Brother Urner Goodman, the lodge, fifth in the United States, was finally installed on July 1, 1921 at Camp Indiandale with the following officers:

Gegeyjumhet—-Arthur A. Schuck Olomipees—-Hiester Bucher
Kittakima——Oliver F. Fryer Sakima——-James Marx
Meteu———-Carl F. Moyer

The official name adopted was the Indiandale Lodge and the totem was the Bison. The charter members who were given the First and Second Degree on the same day were:

Lincoln Avery Jack Barrett Hiester Bucher Henry Bush
Harper Beggs Roger Cornelius Dan Dellinger Wilbur Frantz
Oliver Fryer Gen Gooey John E. Howe Donald Howe
James Marx Charles Miller John Pulitis Arthur Schuck
Milton Shultz Joseph Sowers Fred Stewart Ed Willard

The lodge continued to function successfully over the summer season of 1921. During the summer, the following were taken into the Lodge and given the First Degree:

Boeringer Henry Coble Robert Flower C. Fletcher
Charles Geiswite Edwin Goodwin Hackenbury Geo. M. Jones
Rollin Jones H. Kauffer Mr. Linde Geo. Meitzler
Carl Moyer Paul Mover Russell Neidhawk Robert Regar
Ernest Somson Mr. Shank William Springer Mr. Weaver
Graham Miller

Additional officers were elected on October 25 to fill the slate:

Nischeneyit Sakima ———————-John E, Howe
Mascheneyit Sakima ———————-Graham Miller
Nutiket ———————————James Marx
Nischeneyit Nutiket ———————Charles Miller

Because the National Lodge year extended from September to September, following their first organizational meeting in October, in November the local lodge elected a new slate of officers for the coming year:

Gegeyjumhet—-Arthur A. Schuck Olomipees—-Hiester Bucher
Kittakima——Oliver F. Fryer Mawachpo—–William Springer
Meteu———-Carl Moyer Nutiket——Charles Geiswite
Sakima———Fred Stewart Nis Nutiket–Charles Miller
Nis Sakima—–James Marx Nis Nutiket–Joseph Sowers
Mas Sakima—–John E. Howe

The meaning of the Lodge officer titles is as follows:

Gegeyjumhet — Supreme Chief of the Fire (Scout Executive or his representative)
Kittakima —– Chief of the Fire (Camp Director of his representative)
Meteu ——— Medicine Man
Sakima ——– Chief (of the lodge)
Nischeneyit Sakima —– Senior Vice Chief
Mascheneyit Sakima —– Junior Vice Chief
Olomipees —– Recorder
Mawachpo —— Treasurer
Nutiket ——- Guardian of the Trail
Nischeneyit Nutiket —- Deputy Guardians of the Trail #1 and #2

High spots of the year included an Inward and Outward Purification ceremony held in September. The lodge sent the following representatives to the first organizational meeting of the Grand Lodge at Treasure Island, October 7 and 8: Arthur Schuck, Carl Moyer, Hiester Bucher and Charles Miller. On November 12 the first Second Degree initiation was held at Scout Headquarters in connection with a big Annual Meeting. On May 6, 1922 the lodge put across a minstrel show, which netted sufficient funds to put the lodge on a sound financial foundation. On January 24 there was another special meeting and the second Second Degree initiation. Our lodge was honored at the First Grand Lodge meeting in that our Gegeyjumhet Arthur Schuck was elected Eluwak Mawachpo (Grand Treasurer).

At a special meeting held on October 25, 1921 the name Minsi Lodge was selected as being closely connected with the tribe of Indiandale who inhabited this region. The Wolf was selected as the new lodge totem.

On June 14, 1922 there was an Annual business meeting and the following lodge officers were elected:

Gegeyjumhet —-Arthur A. Schuck Olomipees —-Hiester Bucher
& Robert S. Henderson Mawachpo —–William Srpringer
Kittakima ——Oliver F. Fryer Nutiket —–Charles Geiswite
Meteu———–Carl Moyer Nis Nutiket —Charles Miller
Sakima ———Fred Stewart #2 ————Dan Dellinger
Nis Sakima —–James Marx
Mas Sakima —–John Howe

High spots of the year included a big outdoor meeting on June 23 at Camp Indiandale to build a council ring. On July 28, Arthur Schuck and Oliver Fryer went to the Treasure Island Camp and were initiated as the first Minsi members to receive the Third Degree in the Lodge. The name conferred on Mr. Schuck was Walapeju, meaning “The Just”. To Mr. Fryer was given the name Tgauchsu, “The Gracious”.

On October 6th & 7th, the Minsi Lodge played the part of host to the Second Grand Lodge meeting with the sessions held at Camp Indiandale. Our lodge was again honored in that our Gegeyjumhet Arthur Schuck was elected Eluwak Kittakima (Grand Chiefton) for the coming year. The delegates from our lodge to this meeting were: Arthur Schuck, Carl Moyer, Russell Albright and Hiester Bucher.

It was our privilege on March 16, 1922 to install a newly formed Lodge at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania under the direction of Arthur
Schuck. In October of this same year another of our Lodge members was initiated into the Third Degree of the Lodge at Camp Treasure Island, Carl F. Moyer. In December of 1922 there was held another Second Degree Ceremony at which our new Gegeyjumhet and Scout Executive, Robert S. Henderson was given both the First and Second Degrees.

Officers were elected for the coming year as follows:

Gegeyjumhet—-Robert Henderson Mas Sakima—Robert Regar
Kittakima——Oliver Fryer Olomipees—-Henry Huesman
Meteu———-Carl Moyer Mawachpo—–Earl Rickenbach
Sakima———Max Krug Nutiket——Dan Dellinger
Nis Sakima—–Joseph Sowers Nis Nutiket–John Adams

In 1923 the following were delegates the Third Grand Lodge meeting held at Camp Linstead on October 12 and 13: Robert Henderson, Oliver Fryer, Carl Moyer, Robert Regar, Joseph Sowers and Max Krug. Membership reported this year to the Grand Lodge were 50 to First Degree and 39 to the Second Degree.

In the fall of 1924, officers were elected for the corning year as follows:

Gegeyjumhet—-Robert Henderson Mas Sakima—-High Geib
Kittakima——Oliver Fryer Olomipees—–Frank Spohn
Meteu———-Carl Moyer Mawachpo——Albert J. Brown
Morris Wells Nutiket——-Paul Ott
Sakima———Earl Rickenbach Nis Nutiket—Henry Harris
Nis Sakima—–Joseph Sowers

In 1924 the following delegates were sent to the Fourth Grand Lodge Meeting: Earl Rickenbach, Joseph Sowers, Frank Spohn, Brooke Lerch and Robert Henderson. This was held at Kanowahke Lake, Tukedo, New York on October 31 and November 1.

In the fall of 1925, officers were elected for the coming year:

Gegeyjumhet—Robert Henderson Mas Sakima—-George Kiehl, Jr.
Kittakima—–Oliver Fryer Olomipees—–Frank Spohn
Meteu———Carl Moyer Mawachpo——Albert J. Brown
Morris Wells Nutiket——-Edward Rick
Sakima——–Joseph Sowers Nis Nutiket—Morris Hullinger
Nis Sakima—-High Geib

In 1925 we reported a total membership of 130. On February 28 First Big Annual Lodge Dinner and Reunion was held at the Thomas Jefferson Tea Room. Minsi Lodge delegates to the Fifth Grand Lodge meeting held on Oct. 16 and 17 at Treasure Island were: High Geib, Morris Hullinger, Oliver Fryer and Frank Spohn.

In 1926, Lodge officers were elected as follows:

Gegeyjumhet—Robert Henderson Mas Sakima—-Morris Hullinger
Kittakima—–Oliver Fryer Olomipees —-Seal Chambers
Meteu———Carl Moyer Mawachpo——Albert J. Brown
Morris Wells Nutiket——-Howard Boyer
Sakima——–George Kiehl, Jr. Nis Nutiket—John Tyson
Nis Sakima—-John Wink

In October of 1925 at Camp Treasure Island, two Minsi Lodge members were initiated into the Third Degree: Joseph H. Sowers and Earl W. Rickenbach. Robert Henderson had been given his Third Degree ceremony in July of 1923 at Treasure Island.

The Sixth annual session of the Grand Lodge was held on October 29 and 30, 1926 at Camp Indiandale.

Lodge officers elected in 1927 were:

Gegeyjumhet—Robert Henderson Olomipees—–Melvin Dry
Kittakima—–Oliver Fryer Mawachpo——Albert J. Brown
Meteu———Carl Moyer Nutiket——-John Tyson
Morris Wells Nis Nutiket—Harold Bucks
Sakima——–George Kiehl, Jr.
Nis Sakima—-Morris Hullinger
Mas Sakima—-Edward Rick

Highlights of the year included a big Halloween Party in October. The Local Lodge assumed responsibility for the Boys’ Life campaign in Reading and Berks County. Membership reported this year were 11 new members and 22 to Blood Rite Degree (2nd). The Minsi Lodge sent four delegates to the 7th Annual session of the Grand Lodge on October 14 and 15 at Camp Kanachqua, summer camp of the Bronx at Kanohwahka Lakes, Tuxedo, New York. Our Lodge was honored to have GegeyjumhetRobert Henderson elected Eluwak Kittakima (Grand Chieftan), a post which he held for two years.

Officers elected in the Minsi Lodge in 1928 were:

Gegeyjumhet—Robert Henderson -Paul Althouse
Kittakima—–Paul Millikin (Recorder)
Sakima——–John Wink Mawachpo—–Albert J. Brown
Nis Sakima—-Edward Hinz Nutiket——George Bard
Mas Sakima—-James Todd Nis Nutiket–Franklin Embich
Olomipees—–Kent Zimmerman

In 1928, four of our Brothers went to Bear Mountain and received their Third Degree: Albert J. Brown, Harold W. Bucks, Morris R. Hullinger and George Kiehl, Jr.

Seemingly there occurred a period of Lodge inactivity, but the following officers were reported in 1929:

Gegeyjumhet —Robert Henderson Olomipees—Paul Althouse
Kittakima——Olan Black Mawachpo—-Edward Hinz
Sakima———John Wink (held over from pervious year because
no new Sakima was elected.)Editor’s Note: Hand written in the document is “Error – Kent Zimmerman was elected”

During this year John E. Howe received his Third Degree at Rising Sun, Maryland. In 1929 the Minsi Lodge installed 19 charter members of the Lehigh Council at their Camp Trexler on August 11, thus assisting a second new Lodge to get under way. Highlights of the year included assistance in the work on the Presidential Plot on Mr. Penn by planting trees; holding a picnic and dance at Indiandale on June 19; in August holding an informal dance at Indiandale; and on November 8 holding a big Halloween dance at Indiandale.

In 1930, the following Lodge officers were elected:

Gegeyjumhet—-Robert Henderson Olomipees——Jan Deelman (to May)
Kittakima—–Clan Black Alfred Chambers
Sakima——–Edward Hinz Nutiket——–Charles Rick

During this year, on June 6th there was held a Social and Dance atIndiandale. The Lodge had a banquet on February 21, 1931 and aHolliday Reunion Party on January 2nd.

Due to reorganization or change in the National procedures thelocal Lodge elected officers in September of 1931 for a full year:

Gegeyjumhet—Robert Henderson Mas Sakima—-James Borell
Kittakima—–Olan Black Olomipees—–Charles Rick
Sakima——–Mark Matz >Mawachpo——George Weber
Nis Sakima—-Charles Evans, Jr. Nutiket——-Philip Rettew

Our local Lodge charter shows that the national lodge year ran from September 1930 to September 1931 and that the new charter ran from December 1931 to December 1932, and has been from December to December since then.

In November of 1931 the following went as delegates to the Grand Lodge meeting, the ninth, at Lake George, New York: Robert Henderson,Mark Matz, George Weber and Kent Zimmerman.

In May of 1931, District W.W.W. committees were set up as follows:

Hamburg —James Borell; Ed Marcus and Tom Glassmoyer
Kutztown—Charles Rick, Tom Keppleman and Tom Mullen
Fleetwood–James Mohn, Robert Schmehl and Paul Geib
Birdsboro–Scott Dearolf, Robert Horne and Richard Bensing
Boyertown–Foster Evans, Robert Buck and Judson Rhode
Sinking Spring —Phillip Rettew, Charles Broome, Robert Baderand Warren Noll.

During this year Mark Matz and Kent Zimmerman were given the Third Degree.

The only change in Lodge officers for 1932 was that Charles Broome became Nutiket replacing Philip Rettew. Highlights of the year of 1932 include the distribution of baskets to the poor; Court of Honor pep night program by members of the Lodge; sponsoring of the uniform exchange at headquarters; setting aside of a fund of $10 for poor Scouts who cannot meet their registration fee; held two lodge dances on June 24 and August 25.

On December 3, 1932 the Region III Conference of the Order of the Arrow was held at the Y.M.C.A. in Reading (This included the states of Penna., Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia). At this time Charles Evans, Jr. and George Weber were given their Third Degree. This was the last until 1941.

On December 27 the Lodge held an Annual Midwinter Reunion and Dinner at the Thomas Jefferson Tea Room.

From September 1933 to December 1934 the Lodge was inactive, but the following were Lodge officers for that period:

Gegeyjumhet——-Robert Henderson Sakima—–Charles Evans
Nis Gegeyjumhet—Olan Black Lekhiket—Chester Quinter

In 1933 Robert Henderson was appointed Chairman of the Region III committee on revision of the Grand Lodge Constitution and By-Laws. Healso was made a member of the National Committee to conclude negotiations with the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, concerning its approval and acceptance of the Order of the Arrow as a national program. This was adopted in June of 1934. Prior to that time the national Lodge had undergone a reorganization with the following titles and officers for a local lodge:

Netami Gegeyjumhet—————–Supreme Chief of the Fire (Scout Executive)
Nischeneyit Gegeyjumhet————Chief of the Fire (Assistant or Field Executives)
Netami Sakima———————-Lodge Chief
Netami Nischeneyit Sakima———-Lodge Senior Vice Chief
Netami Mascheneyit Sakima———-Lodge Junior Vice Chief
Netami Lekhiket——————–Lodge Secretary
Netami Mawachpo——————–Lodge Treasurer

Provision was made for the division of local lodges into Tribes and the officers were as follows:

Wojanwe ——Chapter Chief
Lekhiket —–Chapter Scribe
Mawachpo —–Chapter Treasurer

The Ritual of the Lodge was separated from the permanent Lodge officers and the members were given the following titles:

Allowat Sakima ——Mighty Chief
Meteu—————-Medicine Man

From December 1934 to May 1935 the Lodge was inactive again, and the following served as officers:

Netami Gegeyjumhet———Robert Henderson
Nishcheneyit Gegeyjumhet—Olan Black
Netami Sakima————–Charles Evans

In 1934 there was a reforestation project undertaken at camp. In the summer of this year there were no new members admitted. With the development of camping on a Troop basis it was expected that the activities of the Lodge would resume.

On May 6, 1935 there was a meeting for the reorganization of the Minsi Lodge and election of officers. This meeting was held at Scout Headquarters. The following officers were elected:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ———–Robert Henderson
Nischeneyit Gegeyjumhet ——Paul Stolz
Netami Sakima—————–Kenneth Dearolf
Nischeneyit Sakima————Richard Ludwig
Netami Mawachpo—————Joseph Richter

39 new members were reported for the year of 1935. On July 18 the Lodge held an Outing party at Carsonia Park. New National and Local constitutions and By-Laws were adopted. 12 new members came in during the fall by special Troop elections. Highlights of the year featured Christmas baskets, improvement of week-end campsite, camporee service, camp visitations and ceremonials, and an Old Timers banquet.

In December of 1935, new officers were elected as follows:

Netami Gegeyjumhet —–Robert Henderson
Nis Gegeyjumhet ——–Paul Stolz
Netami Sakima ———-George Weber
Kenneth Dearolf (after September)
Nis Sakima ————-Richard Ludwig
Netami Mawachpo ——–Joseph Richter

The year of 1936 showed intense activity on the part of the Lodge. They sent three delegates to the 11th Grand Lodge meeting held at Treasure Island, September 5, 6, and 7. In January an informal annual dinner was held. In March the W.W.W. supplied ushers and aides at the Court of Honor and Amateur Night. In June they supplied judges,scorekeepers and aides at the Council Annual Camporee. In July and August a Committee visited lone Troop Camps and conducted elections and assisted camp leaders in programming. They also erected and operated game conservation stations and had an exhibit at the Sportsman’s Show. In September they made major camp improvements in outlying council camp grounds. September 19 at Camp Howard 38 were initiated into the Ordeal Honor and 8 to the Brotherhood Honor. In October they sent delegations to neighboring councils to assist in inductions and to promote lodge interest. In November they conducted a ceremony in the Council Court of Honor Program. On December 28 they held an annual Dinner and election with Tom Cairns of the Mother Lodge in Philadelphia as guest speaker.

Officers elected for the year of 1937 were:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ————-Robert Henderson
Nis Gegeyjumhet —————-Paul Stolz
Netami Sakima ——————George Weber

In May of 1937 the Order held a Campfire ceremony for the installation of officers. In June they supplied judges, scorekeepers and aides at the council annual Camporee. During the summer a committee assisted in Troop Camp programming and helped conduct Lodge elections in Troop camps. In October they made improvements on council campsites and in December they gave Christmas baskets for Lodge good turns and held an Annual Dinner Meeting and election of officers.

Officers elected for the year of 1938 were:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ————Clarence F. Urffer
Nis Gegeyjumhet —————Paul Stolz (to July)
Douglas A. Dye (from Sept.)
Netami Sakima —————–George Ziegenfuss
Netami Lekhiket —————Bertolette Bowers
Netami Mawachpo —————David Geiger

Highlights of 1938 were the conduction of an Outdoor Court of Honor at the Council Camporee. The Order conducted an opening and closing Indian ceremony at an indoor Court of Honor. They assisted Troops needing leadership: 168 active members were reported. This year they revised a set of constitutions and By-Laws. In December they held an-Annual meeting and banquet.

Officers for the year of 1939 were:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ————Clarence F. Urffer
Nis Gegeyjumhet —————Douglas A. Dye
Netami Sakima —————–Robert Buck
Nis Sakima ——————–Harry Machamer, Jr.
Netami Lekhiket —————George Fry, Jr.
Netami Mawachpo —————Walter Stoudt

The local Lodge adopted new By-Laws again in March. On November 4 they held a Halloween Party.

Officers elected for 1940 were:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ———–Clarence Urffer
Nis Gegeyjumhet ————–Douglas Dire (until Sept.)
Robert A. Burcaw (from March)
Irving Swalwell (from Oct.)
Netami Sakima —————-Richard Laudenslager
Nis Sakima ——————-Richard Kurr
Netami Lekhiket ————–George Fry, Jr.
Netami Mawachpo ————–Charles Ludwig

The 1940 report indicated that there were 39 Ordeal members and 8 Brotherhood members taken in during the year. On April 10th they held a bowling party at the Reading Co. Y.M.C.A. June 8th saw a W.W.W.dance at the Shillington Legion Hall. During July there was held a roller skating party. August 7th was a swimming party at Hopewell. Work was done toward building a path to the waterfront at the Hopewellcamp.

Officers elected for 1941 at the Christmas Holiday Annual Meeting:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ———–Clarence Urffer
Nis Gegeyjumhet ————–Robert Burcaw
Irving Swalwell
Netami Sakima —————-Ray Hartranft
Nis Sakima ——————-Frederick Fry
Netami Lekhiket ————–William Wolfinger
Netami Mawachpo ————–Robert Kreitz

During 1941, 43 Ordeal members and 1 Brotherhood member were given their inductions. For the first time in the history of the Lodge, a Vigil ceremony was given in the Council at the weekend camping site of the Council, Boonewood. Those to receive this highest degree were Ernest Baker, Richard Laudenslager and Chester Quinter. On October 31 the Order held a Halloween Party. During this year a new set of By-Laws were adopted and printed. The Camping and Activities Committee Chairman of the Council was made a member of the fixed officers staff of the Lodge.

The Officers for 1942 elected at the January Annual Meeting were:

Netami Gegeyjumhet ———–V.L. Huntsberger
Nis Gegeyjumhet ————–Robert Burcaw (until March)
Irving Swalwell
Ronald Pannell (from March)
Camping Chairman ————-Fred Howard
Netami Sakima —————-George Fry, Jr. (until Sept.)
Stewart Miller
Nis Sakima ——————-Eugene Sheehan (until Sept.)
William Wolfinger
Netami Lekhiket ————–Raold Bowers
Netami Mawachpo ————–Howard Castor

In September of 1942 several new officers were elected for the Order due to the fact that the Sakima went into Military Service and the Nis Sakima moved away. The Lodge took on new interest during the fall and winter and many activities were participated in. This year 35 became Ordeal members and 5 were advanced to the Brotherhood Honor.

The record of the last three years is not as complete as it could be,and should be reviewed again when the Lodge history is again brought up-to-date. Many of the activities were not recorded or were not filed. One criticism of the entire Lodge history may be made and that is that adequate records were not kept of all Lodge activities,especially of those that were advanced to the Second Degree or Brotherhood Honor of the Lodge. This is the record as we have been able to discover it, and represents 21 years of our activities and membership.

Following this history is a Directory of the Members of the Lodge. In that Directory it must be remembered that many could not be identified because while the Council maintained the summer camp at Indiandale, Scouts and Scouters from other councils camped with us, and no records could be found of them other than they belonged to the Lodge for a summer or two. The records have been rechecked several times and areas complete as possible. After the name of each member is the Scouting designation at time of original induction followed by his Lodge record in code.