12 Receive Vigil Honor

On the evening of October 13, 2012, twelve of our fellow Brothers took their Vigil, and held their ceremony the morning of October 14th.  A breezy night with temperatures near 40 degrees did not lessen their spirit.  In the morning following their night out, they were honored with a steak and eggs breakfast in Willits Dining Hall, along with about 35 of their fellow Vigil honorees.

Those who received the Vigil Honor included: James R. Adams, Matthew Beekman, Thomas Berger, Douglas S. Butz, Jonathan Carl, Matthew Kayhart, Baron J Klein Jr., David W. Krauss, Austin Resch, David Small Sr., David R. Smith II, and Matthew Van Etten.

If you see any of our honorees, please be sure to congratulate them on receiving this honor.


2012 Vigil Honroees: (Back Row, L-R) Baron J Klein Jr, David Small Sr., Douglas S. Butz, james R. Adams, David R. Smitth II, David W. Krauss, Thomas Berger; (Front Row, L-R) Jonathan D. Carl, Matthew Kayhart, Matthew Beekman. Not in photo, Austin Resch and Matthew VanEtten.

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