2014 Conclave Wrap Up

2014 Conclave Wrap Up


So just in case you decided to live under a rock last weekend, here’s a little review of what you missed at Conclave…


The Brotherhood assembled and began trading rocker patches with other lodges to try and obtain a full set.


The day began with an overwhelming consensus of red shirts. Breakfast consisted of hash browns, sausage, and omelettes (if you were lucky). Some highlights from the training cells include Brant Portner’s presentation on Sustainability in the lodge and National Vice Chief Taylor Bobrow presented 100th Anniversary activities. Before lunch, the iron chef team concocted a conclave chicken soup.

After lunch, the ceremonies teams participated in both the pre-ordeal and brotherhood ceremonies. Many other activities also took place including ultimate Frisbee, tug-o-war, horseshoes, a closest to the pin competition, lodge ball, rifle shooting, an obstacle course, and tomahawk throwing.

Following dinner, the youth proceed to the youth forum in which Austin Noguera as well as other candidates fielded questions both LARGE and small regarding their candidacy for Section office. The forum was then followed by the closing ceremony which revisited the origins of the brotherhood in rather stunning fashion.

Finally, the evening’s cracker barrel never stayed dry after we cracked open a keg… of root beer of course and Mr. Barner performed his signature keg stand for everyone.


The day was ruled by black shirts instead this morning…

At the Sunday section meeting, it was announced that the lodge won the closest to the pin youth, iron chef cook off, lodge ball, and scored the best time on the obstacle course.

Elections were also held for section offices. The lodge is proud to have Austin Noguera serving as Section Vice Chief.

Photos will continue to be posted under the conclave section of the photo albums. If you have any photos or videos from conclave please send them to communications@kittatinny5.org.

Upset that you missed Conclave this year?

Then don’t miss your chance in 2015!

2015 Conclave will be held on May 29- 31 at Camp Sinoquipe hosted by Guneukitschik Lodge 317

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