Polestar Training on 1/22

Polestar: Induction Leadership Training

Kittatinny Lodge will be offering Polestar: Induction Leadership Training on Saturday, January 22, from 9am-3pm in Willits dining hall.

Polestar is a new National training program targeted at those involved with any part of the induction sequence (CP&E, Elangomat, Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Ceremonies). Through a series of training videos and small-group discussion sessions, you will explore all parts of the induction sequence. If you are involved with or want to be involved with any of these committees, you should plan to attend.

The induction sequence is how our lodge introduces new members to the ideals and principles of the OA. A good experience will keep members engaged and returning. A bad experience will cause them not to come back and to miss all that the OA has to offer. This training gets everyone in the process on the same page with how to make a more meaningful experience for new Arrowmen and to improve activation and retention in the lodge.

Polestar is also for any experienced Arrowmen who truly want to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of the induction sequence. From the symbols used, the words spoken, and the intent behind each step along an Arrowman’s trail to Brotherhood.

NOTE: Polestar covers secured material regarding the Brotherhood ceremony, so attendees should be Brotherhood level. Ordeal members may still attend, but will be asked to step out for the sections discussing the Brotherhood ceremony.

Still not convinced? Here’s Cooper’s top 5 reasons to attend Polestar:

  1. You haven’t seen your OA friends for a while!
  2. Polestar is a great way to learn how Units interact with the Lodge!
  3. A nationally developed program of national quality!
  4. Discussions, brainstorming, and ideas are all ready to be had!
  5. It is the most comprehensive training discussing the basics of the Order of the Arrow to date!

Check-in is between 8:30-9:00 Saturday, with the session running 9:00am-3:00pm. There is no cost to attend, but it is a Bring-Your-Own-Lunch event, so don’t forget to pack a lunch. The lodge will provide some light snacks and drinks.

Please register at: https://scoutingevent.com/528-polestartraining

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