2024 Lodge Officer Slate Presented

2024 Lodge Officer Slate Presented

Fellow Arrowmen,

At the May general meeting, the slate of officers for 2024 was presented by the youth nominating committee and subsequently approved by the lodge membership present. Per our bylaws, this communication serves to inform you of the presented slate and the next steps that will occur.

The slate of officers for 2024 proposed is as follows:

  • Lodge Chief: B. Webb
  • Vice Chief of Administration: S. Foose
  • Vice Chief of Activities: W. Brudereck
  • Vice Chief of Inductions: C. Rohm
  • Secretary: J. Campbell
  • Treasurer: W. Coull

Next Steps

  • If any dues-paid youth (under 21) wishes to run for office against the proposed slated member, they may fill out the petition form, secure the signatures of fifteen (15) active youth Arrowmen, and submit to the council office no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the election (i.e., September 2nd, 2023).
  • If no additional petitions for nominations are submitted, the slate above will be presented for formal approval and election at the general meeting on September 17th.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the slate or the process, please contact Eric Silva, Lodge Adviser at adviser@kittatinny5.org.

Yours in Service,
Kittatinny Communicaitons

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