New Vigil Members

New Vigil Members

2014-10-12 Vigil Class

Congratulations to eight members of our lodge who were honored with a steak and egg breakfast at the Marlin Miller Dining Hall at the Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation after keeping their Vigil the evening of October 11-12. Shown are (l-r) Eric Silva (Wowoatam Pisgeke Gokhos – “Skillful Night Owl”), Art Kayhart (Amangi Machque Untschi Guhn – “Great Bear Of The Snow”), Michael Nitroy (Sakuxwe Aeke – “Distance Rider”), Matt Hensinger (Tschitani Allogagan Topalowilenno – “Strong Servant Warrior”), Kevin Reichart (Moschiwi Wikat Pemapuchk Pakiton – “Bare Legged Rock Thrower”), Alex Smith (Gunaxit Gunammochk Lappiechsin – “Tall Otter Who Repeats Stories”), Ben Strausser (Ohtamsu Kshiku Nipen Awenhake – “Slow Growing Summer Indian”), and Jesse Ritz (Na Amiga Happachpoon Achgeketum – “The Timeless Bench Teacher”).

Be sure to congratulate these Brothers for the well-deserved honor bestowed upon them the next time you see them.

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