2015 Dues Now Payable

2015 Dues Now Payable

My Brothers:

It’s that time of the year again — Time to pay your Lodge dues!

As we wrap up 2014 and start looking forward to 2015 and the 100th anniversary year of the Order of the Arrow, it’s important to remember to pay your dues. Renewal notice cards have been put in the mail and you will start seeing them arrive in your home mailbox this weekend. If you don’t get a card in the next week or two, there may be a problem with your membership record. If that’s the case, let us know by sending us an email at membership@kittatinny5.org.

NOTE: If you just took your Ordeal in September 2014, your dues for 2015 have already been paid as part of your Ordeal fee and your membership card should indicate an expiration date of 12/31/2015.

“On time” dues are $12.00 if paid before December 31. If you wait until after the end of the year, a late fee is added, and you will need to pay $15.00. A scout is thrifty .. pay “on time” and save three dollars!

There are a number of ways to pay: 1) Return the reminder card and payment by mail to the Beaver Service Center; 2) Bring your remind card and pay in person at either the Beaver Service Center or the Satellite Service Center Office and camp; 3) Bring your reminder card and pay at the Dec. 20 Fellowship Day at camp; 4) Pay online at: http://www.kittatinny5.org/dues. No matter how you pay, it is important you provide your Lodge ID# so we apply your payment to the correct person. Your Lodge ID# is printed on your reminder card address label.

To answer all your questions about dues (who pays and when, why we pay them, what they cover, etc.) please see our web page at http://www.kittatinny5.org/dues.

Pass this message on to other members of your unit so they know to watch for their renewal card and pay as soon as possible. O.A. Troop Reps — Be sure to announce this at your next Troop meeting!

Yours in Service,
Membership Committee

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