Special Note about 2016 Lodge Dues

Special Note about 2016 Lodge Dues

You may have noticed you did not receive our typical dues notice card this year yet. Before the end of the year, you will receive something a bit different — a Dues Renewal and Lodge Records Verification form. See our article in the Oct 2015 Wolf’s Tale for more information about this records update.

We are asking members to review their Lodge member record for accuracy & completeness, answer some survey questions, and send in your dues payment using this form. Look for the form in your U.S. Postal Service mail this week.

Unlike previous years when “on-time” meant by Dec 31, this year dues will be “on time” through the end of January 2016 in order to give you time to complete the form and send in your payment. Dues for members who took their Ordeal this past September are paid through the end of 2016, which will be reflected on your form, but we still ask that you review your record and send in your form. If you are a member of the Lodge Executive Committee (Officer, Committee Chairman, Committee Adviser) or a general member planning to attend Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) on January 9th, that you pay your dues before attending that event.

Here’s looking to an exciting Lodge year in 2016!

Yours in the WWW,
Membership Committee

Communications-Website Adviser

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