May Service Weekend Job List

May Service Weekend Job List


We hope you are as excited for the upcoming service weekend as we are. There is lots to do around camp to get it ready for the summer camping season. Below is a list of jobs that we will be working on.  We ask that folks bring chainsaws (if certified), log splitters, leaf/garden rakes, and pruning tools/loppers/trimmers.

Jobs List

  • Split firewood at wood pile
  • Clean ditch behind store
  • Support platforms at Perkiomen
  • Load equipment at warehouse
  • Unload equipment from warehouse
  • Set up tents
  • Move beds from Hafer, Hofmann, Randy Rowe
  • Paint STEM
  • Set beds in staff sites
  • Clean buildings (sweep, cobwebs, windows, etc.)
  • Clean / make repairs to campfire circle
  • Cut brush on dam (chainsaw)
  • Clean rainspout gutters and roofs
  • Clear trail at range, repair fence
  • Set up lakefront
  • Paint doors at Welcome Center
  • Make mountain bike racks
  • Rake leaves at buildings
  • Prepare campsites – repair platforms, cots, ropes, sweep latrines, and pavilions, etc.
  • Sealing deck at admin building
  • Working at Marlin Miller

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