Important Upcoming Events

A lot has been going on in the lodge, and a lot of activity is coming up that we hope to see all our members at.

Below is a quick update on many items of importance, and includes details and links to register.

Aug 21 – Centennial Community Service #2 **
Sep 11 – Centennial Fun Day **
Sep 12 – LLD (Lodge Leadership Development) **
Sep 17-19 – September Ordeal/Service Weekend **
Oct 1-2-3 – Council Golden Jubilee Camporee **

Oct 23 – Centennial Community Service #3 **
Oct 16-17 – Vigil Weekend
Dec 4 – Centennial Banquet
** Can be used for part or all of a requirement for your Lodge Centennial Award.

August 21 – Carbon County Environmental Education Center

The lodge will be holding its second Community Service Project as part of the Centennial Award. Project #2 will be in support of the Carbon County Environmental Education Center near Jim Thorpe for Black Rock District and others. The event is open to ALL lodge members who wish to participate, but you must register to attend. Complete information about the project, work times, and location are found on the registration form. You must register for the event at:

September 11 – Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation
The Centennial Fun Day at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation will be held on Saturday, September 11, beginning at 9am. Many of the program areas will be available free of charge for use by members. Details for the day are still in final steps of planning, and we’ll be sure to make it a great event with all the details out to you shortly. A Special Officer Jeopardy Game will be held around mid-day, so come out and cheer on your favorite Vice-Chief. Lunch and dinner will be provided. There will be a sleep-over (bring your own tent) option for anyone staying for Sunday’s Lodge Leadership Development event on September 12 (see below).
You must register for the event at:

September 12 – Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation

As part of our annual Performance Management Program (PMP), we will be holding a Lodge Leadership Development Conference (LLD) on Sunday, September 12, beginning at 9am. A continental breakfast will be served for those registering to stay over from the Centennial Fun Day or simply arriving in the morning for LLD, and a light lunch will be provided for those in the course. The lodge leadership is putting together this training, and all members are invited to attend. If you are planning to run for office for 2022 (slate in Sept, election in Oct), you should be attending this event. You should also be attending this event if you want to learn more about the lodge and skills needed in the OA, your unit, and for life.
You must register for the event at:

September 17-18-19 – Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation
We’re planning on returning to a 3-day format for our OA Weekend for September. This is old-school for some, but new for others. This will be the last chance to join the OA during our Centennial year for any Scouts elected as Candidates in 2020 or 2021. Also, if you are eligible for Brotherhood (6 months as an Ordeal Member), you can also take your Brotherhood this weekend. Attaining each of these is a qualifier for our Centennial Award. We hope as many eligible people as possible complete their Ordeal or Brotherhood in our Centennial year. We have a lot to do to help get the camp ready for the winter season, and clean up from an exciting Summer. Please join us for fun, food, and fellowship for our last full weekend of our centennial year.
You must register for the event at:

Oct 1-2-3 – Schuylkill County Fairgrounds
The Lodge will play a part in the Council Jubilee Camporee. We will be having a booth to promote the OA, conducting video interviews, and handling the entire closing campfire show for the event, and assisting with other program areas during the event. We’ll need your help to make this a success for all those attending. If you would like to join one of the teams to help, please contact the lodge Chief or Adviser for further information.

Oct 16-17 – Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation
For Vigil members only. The Vigil Weekend is for this year’s Vigil honorees to complete their Vigil and celebrate this honor with other Vigil members. Vigil registration information will be sent out to all Vigil members in the near future — watch for it in email. Our 2021 Vigil honorees will also be recognized at our Centennial Banquet in December.

October 23 (Tentative) – Blue Marsh Lake
In conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers, the lodge will hold its final Community Service Project as part of it’s Centennial award for Cacoosing District and others. We have a number of tasks to help with on that day, so please consider coming out and helping. The event is open to ALL lodge members who wish to participate, but you must register to attend. Complete information about the project, work times, and location will be updated on the registration form.
You must register for the event at:

December 4 – Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation
Join us in our grand celebration of 100 years of service as Lodge 5. This event will be the hallmark of our Centennial Year, and is open to all members and their families. There will be a large silent auction to help raise money for youth NOAC participants, including a very special auction item. We will present our annual awards, special Centennial Awards, give-aways, and door prizes. We will have as our special guest speakers, Gordon Stock, Captain, U.S. Army, West Point Graduate, former Kittatinny Lodge Vigil member, Vice-Chief of Activities, Founders Award Recipient, camp staff member and Eagle Scout. We will also have as our honored guest, our OA Northeast Region Chief, Garrett Donais. You do not want to miss this event. Seats are going fast, so register now for the banquet You must register for the event at: 

We’ve been getting a number of questions about the Centennial merchandise pre-orders. The items that some of you have pre-ordered are now starting to be delivered from our vendors. As soon as we have received everything, we will be fulfilling your order and notifying everyone. We are hoping everything will be ready for pickup by the September Fun Day or September OA Weekend. Stay tuned for an exact time and place you will be able to receive your merchandise.

Keep track of your progress for the Centennial Award by downloading the tracking card at:

If you have any specific questions about our Centennial events, please contact us at