Wear the flap, pay your dues

Wear the flap, pay your dues

My Brothers,

At the end of 2019 Kittatinny had 657 registered members. On March 1, 2020 only 267 had paid their dues. To those that paid already, “Thank you.” Dues cards have been mailed and you should be receiving them in the next few days.

To those who have not yet paid, please go online and pay your dues. This is a benefit to the lodge as it saves on printing and mailing costs.

An active member in Kittatinny Lodge is someone who is a currently registered Scout or Scouter in the Hawk Mountain Council with current dues paid. With active membership, you are entitled to attend all functions of the lodge appropriate for your honor level. It also entitles you to wear your OA flap. Technically, if you don’t pay your dues, you are not a member, and the flap should be removed from your uniform.

We encourage all Arrowmen to pay their dues and be active in the lodge. Coming to weekends is great, but your fellow Arrrowmen need to you do more. The lodge and the Order of the Arrow is a year-round program, and we need you participate in committees to help keep the lodge functioning and moving onwards and upwards.

Think back on your Ordeal. Remember the Obligation and Admonition. Remember … “The ones, who chose you, need you.”

Dues are $15.00, and you can pay a few different ways:

  1. Pay online at kittatinny5.org/dues
  2. Pay in person at the Beaver Family Service Center (a.k.a. the council office). Please remember to give them your full name and Lodge ID or BSA ID.
  3. Mail the reminder card and payment to the Council Service Center. Make checks payable to “Hawk Mountain Council”

Yours in the Order,
Membership Committee

Lodge Adviser

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