Unit Elections & Camp Promotions Update

Unit Elections & Camp Promotions Update

Unit Leaders, the 2021 Camp Promotions and Elections (CP&E) packets are in the postal stream to your home address. Please keep an eye out for them in your mailboxes. If you would like to schedule your camping promotions and unit elections you can get an early start. The CP&E Information Booklet is now available on the lodge web site at: https://kittatinny5.org/camp-promotions-and-elections/

You should also have received an email this morning (1/19) with a link to schedule your election visit. This is a new feature National has provided us through our OA LodgeMaster software, so we are testing. Please send us your feedback.

We’d like to have elections wrapped up by mid-March, so please schedule your unit election and camp promotion sooner rather than later.

Yours in Service,
Kittatinny Lodge
Order of the Arrow

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