2021 Appalachian Trail Service Project (March 27) Deadline

2021 Appalachian Trail Service Project (March 27) Deadline

The Appalachian Trail Service Project (Sat, March 27) in conjunction with the Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club is fast approaching, and the deadline to register is today at 5pm. As of now, we have 12 adults and 6 youth signed up, I would love to get this number higher (minimum of 24 people) and start our Centennial celebration off with a bang. We are particularly looking for more youth to participate. Remember, the Order of the Arrow was built on the ideals of cheerful service, and this is a great opportunity to live up to the ideals you took an oath to uphold.As a reminder the Trail Service project this is also an option for the Centennial Award, so make sure to sign up ASAP!

“for he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellow’s greatest.”

Yours in Service,
Nathan Bender
Service Committee Chairman

NOTE: Estimated project time is 8am-5pm. Times may vary based on work progress. You will meet and leave from HMSR parking lot. Bring your own small day pack, lunch, snacks, water, mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, work clothes appropriate for weather, hiking boots or sturdy shoes (no sneakers), and work tools: pry bar, shovel, spade, small pick, bow saw, etc. You must bring a current A-B medical form with you to participate. If we have enough people, we will have two separate work parties on two unique projects. Erosion control and trail restoration at Fisher’s Overlook, and one to remove a side trail near camp. Some car-pooling may be necessary for the Fisher’s Overlook project. Additional details will be mailed out to registered participants after today’s 5pm deadline when we see how many people we have.

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