Sept OA Weekend Date Confusion

ALERT – SEPT WEEKEND DATE CLARIFICATION: Late last week we learned that there was a mis-match of dates between online registration and paper forms mailed out to Candidates for the September OA Weekend. Candidates were originally told the weekend was Sept 20-21-22, but all online registration for regular members and camp facility use was booked for Sept 14-15-16.  The September weekend will be held this weekend, Sept 14-15-16. If you registered online, no action is needed.

In an effort to make the best of a bad situation, Candidates are being contacted that were registered for Sept 20-21-22. Due to the different dates, we realize some may not be able to attend. Because of this, any Candidate that is not able to make the Sept 14-15-16 date will have the option to take their Ordeal in April or May 2019. If any Candidates that had not yet registered for September are still interested in signing up for their Ordeal weekend on Sept 14-15-16, they may still do so by contacting the Lodge Adviser, Glenn Piper, at (484) 797-4262, or

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